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Altruism against egoism

Well-packed, the egoism always has the best chances!

People like to be good, a good person.

Whether in NGOs or institutions such as universities, if support is needed, one is open and accepts help, methods, approaches, all of which should have been better considered.

The explosiveness lies in the blind adoption of European wisdom; they destroy our way of life and ensure the sort of equality, which ruins the local traditions.

The assumption that we will not be able to solve our own issues demotivates us.
Foreign good people and foreigners on the location all mean well, whereby this goodness is always based on foreign experiences and it is assumed that it would be helpful in this foreign land too.

The idea in projects to support families and not the target groups, the poor people, is not clear to the do-gooders, nor to their supporters, nor to the sponsoring institutions, because through their good-heartedness they justify their presence at the location and generate income.

The same is the case in universities. Believing in creating networks, many local academic and environmentally suitable initiatives are subtly eliminated.

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